Finding and choosing events is never an easy task. This is why I decided to help my readers by creating a list of some of the best boating events. It is important to take note that there are several boating events and seminars out there but these are the ones that excited me the most. Some of these events include;

The U.S sailing championship

1This is one of the oldest sailing competitions available in the country. The event started out in 1925 and has been able to create various champions and attract several sponsors. Apart from it being a competition, it is a great place to learn some skills and how teamwork works when sailing. The main benefit of the competition is that it has two main categories. It has the adult competition and the junior competition. In order for a person to participate in the junior competition he or she must be 13 years or older.

The Atlanta boat show

2The show has been in existence for 50 years now. It tends to deal with all things related to boating. Though it is not a competition, one gets a chance to learn more on boats and see some of the best boats in the business. It also provides the visitor with some of the best boat courses available.

Spring boating Expo

3If you are a boat fanatic this is one of the main events that you should attend. The best part about it is the number of people present in the event. This year’s event will have over 100 exhibitors present. This is a great chance to get a great deal on a boat.