About me

Gerardo MurryI am a boating fanatic that is dedicated to provide other boating enthusiast with all information on the activity. I view boating as a hobby and a talent more than a sport. From my blogs, my readers will get the chance to enjoy captivating and entertaining blogs. Unlike others, I tend to update my blogs regularly and ensure that I cover all major areas on boating.

From my blogs, the readers will be able to know some of the major events taking place in the country and how to participate in these events. You will be able to read on some of my boating adventures and get a review on some of the new boats in the industry. By providing researched material all my readers will be able to know when, how and why to buy a boat.

Since I love boating, I know some of the major challenges that fellow fanatics face. I will be able to help you tackle these challenges by providing working solutions. These are just some of the various blogs that I will be providing. All my blogs are well researched and highly informative. The aim of these blogs is to educate and help boating fanatics to the best of my capabilities.