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3 boating blogs that every boat lover should read

Boating is a really fun activity that goes year round. There are several boating fanatics, events and reading materials in the world today. The best way to follow up on new events and boating news is by simply reading. There are both offline and online reading resources that one can follow up on. Of all these methods, the best way to remain updated with current news on boating is by reading blogs. Blogs are highly informative and entertaining. Apart from this one gets the chance to read some of the experiences of other individuals that have the same passion. Some of the best blogs that you must follow and read include;

Cygnus 3


This is a really entertaining blog written by Mark and Angelina Roope. The blog starts out in an exciting manner in that they sold everything they without any plan so that they can buy the boat. They say they did this because plans fail. The honest blog is mainly about their adventures in their trips. You can be able to read this blogs by visiting

Sailing Totem


The blog is about a family of five that started their adventure with one main goal. The father wanted to create great memories with the family apart from the common house memories. This is a really inspirational and educational blog that is really helpful to those that have a passion in living in water. Unlike most of the other blogs their blogs helps people know how to live in their boats and the true cost of doing so. By visiting you will be able read entertaining and informative blogs of their adventures.

Where the coconuts grow


Just like most of the other blogs it involves a couple that decided to sell and donate all their belongings and going to the sea. The difference being that they took their two dogs with them. They have documented their adventure as they are currently heading to the Caribbean. More of their adventures are available on

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